3 Japanese men, 10 burgers, what could go wrong?

Have you ever heard of Megwin TV?

If you’ve not, that’s understandable, since outside of Japan, they aren’t all that well known, they are however, one of Japan’s most prolific YouTube bloggers, uploading videos just about every day.

The group was started by Megwin himself (real name Ken Sekine), and has since expanded to include two of his friends, who go by the names Bandy and Falcon. Megwin regularly gives lectures about creating internet success and how the new “digital hollywood” is evolving. But how did they get this popular? By making awesome videos of course (with English subtitles, so we can enjoy them too!)

Take, for example, their burger eating contests, where they travel to America, and try to eat 1o hamburger combos in a day.


The rules of the game are simple: they drive to a restaurant, and whoever’s colour is touching the ground when they arrive, has to order the most popular combo on the menu, no matter how big it is. This of course leads to some pretty funny moments…


1- The “hirarious Engrish”

I’ve taught English in Japan for two years now, and I’ve gotten used to the way they pronounce things. The poor staff however, have no idea that when the guys ask for “za mohsto popyurah conbo” they really mean “the most popular combo”…




2- For a guy in his mid-thirties, Megwin is a bit of a big kid…

Megwin himself is the star of the show, and he shows off by having an unusually outgoing personality (for a Japanese person anyway)…

burgergod megkid


3- The size of the burgers

This being america, they have some pretty big burgers available…



4- The overconfidence falls apart

Of course there was no way they could eat all that meat, plus it doesn’t help when they make mistakes with their orders…



give up

5- Extra challenges are issued.

Put a few guys together on a road trip in L.A. and of course there will be shenanigans…







There are a whole load of other great moments, so you should really check it out yourself.

The videos are available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2LYx2GubsU&list=RDJ2LYx2GubsU&index=1


Western Remix of an Eastern Hit

hatsune and guests
Guess Who?

How many of those 6 colourful characters up there can you recognise? If you’re not Japanese, there should still be one you can recognise… 

I’ll give you a hint: he’s happy…

I like to call him Phar-anime.

That’s right, it’s Pharrell, given a new Anime make-over. But why? Simple, he remixed a song, originally sung by the Japanese vocaloid: Hatsune Miku. The remix was intended to publicize the release of a film, “Jellyfish Eyes”, but has since taken on a life of its own.

Thanks mostly to the video, and the anime-Pharrell showing off his dance moves and trademark hat, the remix has eclipsed the original intent, and already gotten about 600,000 views, with most of the commenters unaware of the film even existing.

It is pretty captivating after all…

The song, embedded below, is called “Last Night, Good Night (Re:Dialed) – Pharrell Williams Remix.” If you want to space out for a few minutes and view some psychedelic scenes, while listening to a surprisingly catchy beat, then give it a look.