What exactly is a super-typhoon?


For those of you who regularly read this blog, sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been studying for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), and for those of you who don’t read regularly, you should!


Anyway, a fair few things have happened in the past few days, so here’s a quick little re-cap before I get back into regular blogging again.


Sexist Japan-

Akihiro Suzuki, the member of Abe’s LDP who recently made sexist jeers at Ayaka Shiomura, has had his office pelted with eggs by angry residents of the city. Suzuki had apologized for making the remarks, but many people say that an apology isn’t enough, and that he should resign if he truly is sorry.

Perhaps to show his party’s dedication to increasing the level of female involvement in Japanese life, Prime Minister Abe has announced that he will host a female focused version of the Davos forum in September, with an aim towards increasing the amount of females in the government, the general workforce, and to increase support for working and stay-at-home mothers.


Typhoon Neoguri-

My current home of Nagasaki was spared a horrific incident as typhoon Neoguri diverted at the last minute, sparing the city all but the lightest of breezes. People elsewhere in Kyushu were not so lucky, and at present, 5 people are dead and at least 50 were injured by collapsing buildings, floodings and landslides. While everyone here breathes a sigh of relief, our hearts go out to the victims, many of whom are children


Finally, a crotch shot-

It wouldn’t be my blog without at least a light-hearted joke at the end, so enjoy this shot of Prime Minister Abe and Australian PM Tony Abbot, who struck an interesting pose to show off their new boots…

We're not looking at the boots...

We’re not looking at the boots…