Western Remix of an Eastern Hit

hatsune and guests
Guess Who?

How many of those 6 colourful characters up there can you recognise? If you’re not Japanese, there should still be one you can recognise… 

I’ll give you a hint: he’s happy…

I like to call him Phar-anime.

That’s right, it’s Pharrell, given a new Anime make-over. But why? Simple, he remixed a song, originally sung by the Japanese vocaloid: Hatsune Miku. The remix was intended to publicize the release of a film, “Jellyfish Eyes”, but has since taken on a life of its own.

Thanks mostly to the video, and the anime-Pharrell showing off his dance moves and trademark hat, the remix has eclipsed the original intent, and already gotten about 600,000 views, with most of the commenters unaware of the film even existing.

It is pretty captivating after all…

The song, embedded below, is called “Last Night, Good Night (Re:Dialed) – Pharrell Williams Remix.” If you want to space out for a few minutes and view some psychedelic scenes, while listening to a surprisingly catchy beat, then give it a look.




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