Keeping the love fresh, Japanese photographer’s bizzare new photo-style

Japan has always had a taste for stretching the boundaries and finding new ways to express ideas. Tokyo is, more often than not, the centre of Japanese innovation.



This, no matter how “cutting edge”, is definitely odd.


The photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi has launched his own project, dubbed “Flesh Love”, and aims to bring it to the mainstream.

Thus far, he has photographed over 100 couples in the prestigious surroundings of… his kitchen. Hey, many artists starve for their art, some just happen to do it while in their kitchen…


Kawaguchi spends a huge amount of time talking with his subjects and arranging them into “artful” positions before popping a bag over them and attaching a vacuum to them. After they are completely without air, he starts snapping away. While they are trapped in the bags, he rotates them and arranges them to suit the photo… all while they are without air. Here’s a video of the process.



Now, I don’t happen to understand it, but then again, I’m just a normal guy… maybe you’ll understand them a bit more. Enjoy, I guess…













See the merit?

Me neither… but hey, it’s Tokyo, and that place is like a whole other country.



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