5 examples of why Japanese prank shows are just better

These videos pretty much speak for themselves.

When it comes to scaring the crap out of people, the Japanese just don’t seem to care about damaged pride, emotions or bones…

1 The poor girl who drops out of a gameshow, don’t worry, she has a plunger to keep her safe


2 These people learn that if you ever encounter a wild red button, you should absolutely NOT push it… (skip the first minute of introduction)


3 These people who get caught in the middle of a gang war between rival Yakuza.


4 The people who stumble into the set of Jurassic Park.


5 A man who goes out to catch some human cockroaches… (skip to 1:10 to see the trap spring into action)


Truly, if the best we can come up with is “Punk’d”, we’ve lost this battle…


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