I just… Don’t

So there I was, looking for Japanese presents to give to my brother and sister in law (who is currently pregnant), when I happened on this beauty…


Japan Strikes Again

In case you can’t see what that is, let me explain it for you.


It’s a 3d printed model…

…of your unborn foetus.


That’s right, Japanese Company Fasotec saw a gap in the ‘plastic foetus’ market and decided that they needed to get in on that. They immediately launched their ‘Shape of an Angel’ product. Which accurately recreates what the baby looks like in the womb, complete with all the confusion of trying to find the head.


I think it’s the bottom part

The company first gets an MRI scan of the foetus, then takes the data they receive, and uses special software to create a model of the foetus. They then upload the model into a 3D printer and voila: foetus in womb.

The company uses white resin for the baby, and clear resin for the womb, so you can see the foetus as it appears, in all it’s glory.



The model costs 100,000 yen, including the MRI scan. Unfortunately, you have to visit their clinic in Tokyo to get the scan and model, and with my sister-in-law’s bump growing ever larger, she unfortunately won’t be able to get one.


I know they’ll be heartbroken.


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