7 Western Celebrities doing… odd commercials in Japan

If you haven’t yet heard the aural train wreck that is Avril Lavigne’s recent ‘song’ Hello Kitty, I encourage you to listen to it, and all the while, remember that this is no teen idol, it’s a 29 year old woman. She’s married for crying out loud!


Anyway, why is she acting like a child who has had far too many spoons of sugar in her juice? It probably has something to do with her steadily rising popularity in Japan. Many other western celebrities do it too, and sadly (or hilariously) a lot of them are like Joey’s blue lipstick ad in Friends.


Tommy lee Jones is the boss. I think he’s selling coffee here, but with all the superpowers, shouting, and Japanese students it’s hard to tell, I mean… He’s a respected actor, right?


Brad Pitt has always been known as a bit of a beefcake, and people aren’t above using their sex appeal to sell products, but… he literally says that his ass is nice, and that you should enjoy checking it out.


Bruce Willis and Arnold Scwarzeneggar have the power for you, powered coffee, that is. Ok, this one is a twofer, but the sight of two… *ahem* senior gentlemen yelling ‘POWER!!’ is just too god to pass by.


Arnie also had his own series of videos back when he was a younger man, and more open to strangenesss.


Ah Nick Cage, no list is complete without him. He just brings a touch of manic insanity to everything he touches, excluding him would almost send me into a … F-F-F-FEVER!!!!


Quentin Tarantino, the man is clearly a great director, yet his appearance here is not all that ‘visionary’. Perhaps he was brushing up on his knowledge for Kill Bill, but I don’t think even “Taro-chan” (Little Taro) can explain why there’s a talking dog here…


Harrison Ford. A mostly naked Japanese man. Both sweaty. Both making vigorous hand motions and licking their lips. I think it’s a beer ad, but I’m not sure.


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