Only in Japan

The latest in a long line of strange Japanese trends is starting to gain headway… in Tokyo at least. Yes, the city that behaves as though it is in a different country is at it again, and this time, it’s dressed in a full body spandex suit.

hello there

hello there

This new trend is called Zentai, which is an abbreviation of: “zenshintaitsu”, meaning: “full body suit”. People who wear the suits often say that they feel stifled or judged in their normal daily lives, but when they put on the suit, they can feel free to express themselves. In an interview, a woman, calling herself Hokkyoku Nigo remarked:

I have led my life always worrying about what other people think of me. They say I look cute, gentle, childish or naive, I always felt suffocated by that. But wearing this, I am just a person in a full body suit.”

totally normal

You could be forgiven for thinking they are wannabe superheroes or Power Rangers, especially as some of them actually go out of their way to do good deeds. Don’t be expecting them to save you from a burning building now, they’re just limited to helping to helping out with daily life, like the guy who helps young mothers carry their baby’s buggies up and down subway stairs.

With tight pants, comes limited responsibility...

With tight pants, comes limited responsibility…

There are even advertising campaigns featuring Body-suited people, Just look at this one, courtesy of YouTube:

It isn’t likely that this fad will catch on to the mainstream, but the fact that it even caught on at all is odd enough. So if you’re in Tokyo, keep your eyes open for the spandex citizens.

welcome to Japan


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