5 odd taste ‘sensations’ I’ve experienced in Japan

Japan is a nation of strange tastes… really strange ones, but we’re talking about food here, not … other stuff. After trying some ‘Irish whiskey’ flavoured coffee last week, I decided to make a post about five strange tastes I’ve encountered here. Not the five tastiest, or most disgusting, just five ‘odd’ tastes…


1- Irish Coffee

I’ll start with this one, since it inspired the post.

100_0483  Seriously, it’s a can of coffee

I could see where the appeal for the idea came from, an Irish coffee is, after all, one of the most indulgent after dinner treats I can think of. But the execution left a lot to be desired. Not on the taste front, it tasted quite like a milky, sweet Irish coffee. The problem was, without the alcohol… what’s the point!?


2- Umeboshi (Picked plums)

Seriously, the first time I tried this, I had a co-worker describe it as ‘sweet’. ‘It’s a… a… how do you say… Plum! Very sweet’.

umeboshi  I’m innocent, right?


God no! those things are as sour as can be. I secretly think he was lying to me, to be funny.

even he can't handle it   Even they can’t handle them!


3- Matcha flavoured… everything

I think we need to hold an intervention for Japan. It seems like everything they have here can come in a matcha, or green tea, flavoured variant. they do it for literally evrything. Nothing escapes the green tea, be it chocolate, baked cheesecake or even that most sacred of drinks, the coffee!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAbaked cheese tart  that poor coffee

It’s not even that nice! The matcha lattes leave a kind of powder in your mouth, and any matcha product you buy has so much sugar in it, so you can’t really taste the tea.


4- Whale

Yes, I’ll admit it, I’ve eaten whale. In Japan it is quite hard to avoid eating whale, especially when you go to somebody’s house and find a whole load of dishes in front of you. So, even though I only ate whale that one time, I think it was enough to make an opinion… It’s not bad.


You try figuring out if this is whale or beef

whale burger

They even make whale burgers!!



It’s not great either, but it could definitely be a tasty meat, if, you know, there was a sustainable way to eat it. It definitely tasted like fish, but the texture was far more meat-like than fish. All in all, I would eat it again, if it weren’t for the questionable ethics of that.

Raw whale meat

Raw whale meat

5- Melon Soda

I apologize to any of my cousins across the pond in America who might have experienced melon soda in their lives, but DAMN, that’s an odd taste. It’s a bit like marmite in that some people hate it, and some people pretend to love it.

meloncreamtastyDon’t listen to that ‘tasty’, it’s all a lie…

I have tried a few different varients of melon soda, from ones that purport to have bits of melon in them, to ones that try to emulate the taste of an ice-cream float, and I can tell you, they’re all just a big, over-sugared lie! You might as well be drinking sugar water for all the flavour of melon that you get.

Give me some red lemonade any day. What flavour is red lemonade? Red, of course. Red lemonade has no notions whatsoever

completely notion-less!

completely notion-less!


So that’s it, five odd tastes that you can find here, there’s obviously hundreds more, I’ve just scratched the surface after all. Pumpkin flavoured kit-kats, and sea urchin salads have, thus far, eluded me


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