A dose of “odd” to start the week

It would seem as though Japan likes people with a bit more meat on their bones…


The birthplace of sumo has recently undergone a bit of a regression. In recent years, Japan has been dominated by waif-like male and female singers, models and actors, nowadays however, people are looking for love…handles. A recent magazine article here predicted that ‘sausage bread’ men soon would become the nation’s most eligible bachelors.



Sausage-bread men are men who have a bit of meat on their bones, but who still have a reasonable amount of muscle on their frame. This tough centre with a cuddly coating is personified in the sausage bread… I think


(pure sex)


It’s not just men though, chubby women are also getting a bit more attention, with magazines talking about ‘ok’ and ‘no good’ chubbies:


Perhaps the word ‘chubby’ doesn’t have the same negative attachments here as it would in western countries, or maybe some Japanese women are trying to take back the word. There was even a Japanese idol group made exclusively out of ‘marshmallow girls’, called Chubbiness


Seriously, I’m not kidding, if you’re too thin, then you’re not in!



I guess this isn’t all that weird, people all over the world are becoming more comfortable with their body image these days, and it’s good to see Japan coming to terms with curves.


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