Things you hear on camp

So, I was at an English camp for the last few days, which means no ‘Friday List post’, instead, I’m going to share a few of my favourite quotes from the camp.


“Please take me and my friend”

(A student asking me to take a picture)


“You can go deeper into my cave”

(A student, during an improv performance)


“What Was the movie about?”

“Um… Mr. bean was fighting some people, and he fell from the sky to save England!”

(A student describing “Johnny English”)


“What did you do when the students were in class?”

“I went to my room and I sleeped for five hours, it was great!”

(Me to a Japanese teacher)


“What food do you want to eat?”



“um… pizza!”

(Me to a student)


And Of course, I encountered THIS taste sensation…


(for those who can’t read it, it says:

“Irish whiskey flavor”)

Look out for a blog post about it, and 9 other crazy flavours in Japan over the next couple of days..


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